1/ Ilot

2/ Pukka

3/ Mod

4/ Segment

5/ Triomphe

Edited objects

1/ Ilot
Ilot is a mini island for your interior edited by Ligne Roset since 2016.

2/ Pukka
Pukka brushes have been editied by André Jardin and was available in their collections until the end of 2019.

3/ Mod
Mod low table is an objects made on demand and adapted to your interior need, we auto-produce it with the company JERHOME, still available.

4/ Segment
Segment was initially designed in concrete for Institut Paul Bocuse and then adapted for Petite Friture whom decided to manufacture the piece in wood from 2010 to 2014.

5/ Triomphe
Triomphe collection was designed with Rémi Bouhaniche in 2010 and developped with JERHOME, then Ligne Roset decided to edit Triomphe Chair and it stayed in their collections until 2014


1/ Ligne Roset
2/ Andrée Jardin
3/ Jerhome
4/ Petite Friture
5/ Jerhome & Ligne Roset


1/ 2016
2/ 2018
3/ 2013
4/ 2010
5/ 2010


4/ Remi Bouhaniche and Marie Declerck
5/ Remi Bouhaniche 

Petite Friture



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